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Top 5 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About the Forest Park Carousel

Without a doubt, the Forest Park Carousel is a masterpiece carved by renowned artist, Daniel Carl Muller. It has a wonderfully rich history and its legacy continues to inspire visitors of all ages, young and old, first time riders and die-hard fans, to seek out its magic. Here are our Top 5 Fun Facts of our beloved NYC National Landmark!

5. The "Forest Park Carousel" could've been named, "The Brooklyn Forest Park Carousel":

Forest Park is one of New York City’s natural treasures. The Wisconsin glacier molded the land 20,000 years ago and left the Harbor Hill Moraine, creating a series of small hills, known as “knob and kettle” terrain, within Forest Park. The Brooklyn Parks Department sought to create a public park and purchased the first parcel on August 9, 1895, with acquisition of additional parcels continuing until 1898. The parkland was originally known as Brooklyn Forest Park, and was incorporated into greater New York with the consolidation of the five boroughs in 1898. At that time, the Brooklyn Parks Department managed parks in what is now all of Queens and Brooklyn. It was not until 1911 that an independent Queens Parks Department was established for the borough. (1)


4. Muller was not the only master carver who helped bring the Forest Park Carousel to life!

Muller worked with the Dentzel Company on the Forest Park Carousel, another historically renowned carousel maker. William H. Dentzel constructed the frame in 1890 and Muller carved the animals in 1903. The carousel was first operated in 1903 in Dracut, Massachusetts, then taken apart and stored for later use. (2)


3. Of the 12 carousels that Muller carved in his lifetime, only two remain: The Forest Park Carousel in Queens and..."The Midway Carousel" in Cedar Point Ohio! (3)


2. The Forest Park Carousel is a star! One of the best things about the carousel (and its tree-lined surroundings) is the versatility of its landscape. While the carousel has been featured in several film and tv productions in the past, its most current debuts include Netflix's Daredevil and The Punisher, and CBS's Instinct, based off the crime novel by James Patterson and starring Alan Cumming.


1. WE LOVE THE FOREST PARK CAROUSEL! Ok, this one you probably already knew but since this is the "Month of Love," it's worth giving a shout-out to you, our visitors and Woodhaven community, for continuing to help us make a lasting impression for more years to come.


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(1) & (2): https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/forest-park/highlights/12049

(3): http://carousels.org/Carvers_Builders2.html


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