By Dakota Calderon • January 18, 2018

The Queen's Borough

Queens is known as one of the best boroughs in New York City, and is very popular for so many things. One of Eddie Murphy's most famous movies, Coming to America, was filmed in Queens in 1988. It was not only one of the most famous movies made in Queens but it was also one of Eddie Murphy’s number one hits of comedy. It was filmed in places of Queens such as Elmhurst and Queens Boulevard. Eddie Murphy’s comedic style has always been admired by many and has given Queens a great reputation.


Coming to America is about an African prince named, Akeem (played by Eddie Murphy) and his best friend/guardian (played by Arsenio Hall). They traveled from Africa on a mission to find Akeem's queen, and he believes Queens, New York is the place she’ll be. However, when they get to Queens they find a lot of urban homes, diverse people, and a day-to-day job at the local fast food restaurant McDowell’s.


Although Akeem didn’t find his Queen on arrival he found out how great the borough of Queens was and everything it had to offer. Throughout the film the two best friends adventure all over Queens for things such as baseball at the Met’s Stadium, a night out at the dance clubs, and touring the neighborhood to find all the local businesses and unique shops.

This film is one of the funniest to hit the shelves but also very significant to the borough of Queens. Anyone wondering why Akeem would think Queens would be a place for him to find one? Well, the borough is actually named after a queen!


Queen Catherine of Braganza, wife of King Charles II, was born in Portugal but she was married to Charles when the British colony in New York was established. Of course with that fact and residing in another country would make me want to head to Queens and find my wife too.

The borough of Queens has always been a home of creativity, uniqueness, and genuine fun and that’s the story the movie told. Akeem came to Queens with one goal but the city’s attractions pulled him in for more. To this day we thrive for our amusement park to give you that same experience. Fantasy Forest Amusement Park is in this beautiful and historic borough and is the only amusement park located in Queens. A place of fun, adventure, and new experiences is not one you should pass up so make sure you visit the great borough of Queens and stop by the only amusement park it has to offer and visit some of the cool areas where Coming to America was filmed.

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