By Dakota Calderon • January 9, 2018

The Icey Bomb Came to Staten Island

Who knew there could be this much snow in the city? Who even knew that the city would get so cold so quickly? The weather was just up in the 50's in November last year, and now we’re hit with what seems like an ice bomb? The temperatures have dropped frigidly and the snow has plummeted our town! Do you guys think we can even see Staten Island FunPark under the snow?


The snowfall has become so tragic over this past weekend! Staten Island is a small island surrounded by water, similar to Manhattan, so in this extreme weather it can be very scary. Staten Island is the third largest borough of five the triangle shaped island is 13.9 miles in length and 7.3 miles wide. Our small island was covered in 6-10 inches of snow. The “Bomb Cyclone” ceased everything and completely put the town on hold. Even the Staten Island Ferry was shut down after popular commuting hours and remained completely empty due to the ice and unsafe traveling conditions. Even Governor Cuomo stated, “Snow removal chemicals, salt, calcium chloride, etc., are only effective up to a certain degree. When it gets down to single digits or even 10, 12 degrees, those chemicals are less effective. That's going to be an issue for this evening.”

The severe cold and the storm caused the school systems to shut down and with about a fourth of the population of our borough being school children and schools being out of school, these are perfect planning days. Stay warm and think about those beautiful days when you’d be heading to Schmidts Lane to Staten Island FunPark in the Spring! There’s no better time to plan for spring fun than in a snow storm because you can come up with the most fun and creative things you want to do when you’re not limited by the snow. Luckily our staff uses this down-time to come up with great ideas to make the only amusement park on Staten Island, THE BEST experience possible. So make sure you’re utilizing the cold snow days to plan all your best visits to Staten Island FunPark when we re-open in much warmer weather!



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Get ready! We're opening March 24, 2018 and will be bringing you your favorite attractions on the Island: Go Karts, Mini Golf, and Batting Cages! 


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