By Dakota Calderon • February 6, 2018

The Dreamy FunPark

Imagine being at your favorite batting cages and seeing your favorite baseball player. This is the person who inspired you to pick up a baseball and play the sport at all, hanging out in the batting cages waving you over to give you some tips on how to play better. I dropped everything and ran over to the batting cage. Jackie Robinson was ready to play catch with me and I couldn’t wait.

I looked around and the FunPark was empty so I immediately dug my feet out the dirt and went to the opposite end. He threw the ball at me with such sharpness that instead of raising my bat to hit it I just ducked. I put my head down under my arms and kneeled so fast; it was the most embarrassing moment ever. Jackie walked over to me and grabbed my hand and before I knew it he was yelling out to me how to hold the ball and how to swing my bat properly.


I stood up in awe at him as he was sharing some of his personal tips and tricks. We tried again but I kept making the same mistake until Jackie decided to ask Staten Island FunPark if he could rent the batting cages out for the entire day to give me baseball lessons. It was perfect, standing side by side with this Brooklyn legend and getting tips on how to swing my bat to perfection. I listened to every word he said held onto it as I kept swinging and although I missed a couple shots, I finally hit the ball out of the park! The FunPark staff watched me the entire time and I could hear them cheering me on as the ball kept flying over the park’s gate. I could hear Jackie yelling “amazing job kid, you did it!” as the FunPark staff tossed confetti my way and took photos of my home run. They had a giant Polaroid camera with a USB attached,connected to a giant printer. The printed photos would be large enough to post on my wall. I was about to take the best selfie with Jackie and show everyone at school, and request the next trip be to Staten Island FunPark when, standing in the sun next to the batting cages, the sun hit my eye and I knew it…

I woke up from the morning sunlight for school. My dream was really a dream, and I was totally late for school! This had to be one of the best and worst moments of my life. I wasn’t ready for the day at all, but I knew one thing for sure: I was going to school and letting our program coordinator know Staten Island FunPark has to be on the trip calendar because the dream had to be a sign! We booked our trip to the FunPark and surprisingly it was the same day that the SI Yankees had visited the park!






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