By Dakota Calderon • February 1, 2018

Super Bowl or Super Birthday?

Imagine: party-size tables are decorated in red, blue, and white table cloths, full of your favorite foods, desserts, and...presents! The grassy park and carousel are adorned with bright colors to match the cloths of your birthday area.  But then when everyone yelled, “Surprise!” I nearly dropped to the floor and, looking down, I noticed a 50 yard dash line drawn on the grass...? That’s when it hit me: my family was throwing me the best birthday party ever at one of my favorite places! A Super Bowl themed birthday party at the Forest Park Carousel Amusement Village is an awesome idea! The 50 yard dash line looked so real, I started to imagine myself running down the field about to make a touch down for the Patriots. Yes, I love the Patriots, just so you guys know who I’m rooting for this Sunday. My cake is two feet tall with Tom Brady at the top, about to let one fly! That had to be the best birthday cake I’d ever seen. The next best part was my own birthday area because it was where the score keeper was placed, right behind my birthday bench. I felt like I was the King of Forest Park thanks to the birthday party team who helped coordinate my amazing party!

There were Patriot flags surrounding the exterior of the carousel and each creature of the carousel was decorated with a player’s name across the side. When I stared in awe at the carousel, my eyes shot straight to my favorite player, Tom Brady! His creature was spray painted super groovy with a design similar to the American flag and his name written in brush script across the side. The party host made an extravagant birthday announcement dedicated to me in her “Super Bowl announcer voice.” I knew at that moment, there could be no better moment ever...until I hit the floor.


I rolled right out of bed and realized it was all a dream! Why did I just have this crazy dream about my Super Bowl themed birthday party? I was so confused, mostly because I’m not even a fan of the Patriots. I love the Philadelphia Eagles to the end of time. Green, grey, and white forever! Although that was a strange dream, it did give me two great ideas: I’m definitely throwing a football themed birthday party this summer at the Forest Park Carousel! The carousel wasn’t a dream; there is a beautiful forest surrounding the birthday party area. And did I mention the fun goody bags?

Of course my second idea is to ask my family for the coolest Super Bowl party this weekend! This Sunday, we get to watch the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles rival it out! Fortunately, we can have pizza and skip the cake, because a two foot cake is nice but way too much.





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