By Dakota Calderon • February 2, 2018

Super Bowl, FunPark Style

This weekend is going to be one of the largest weekend’s of the year as we watch the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles go head to head for the winning title. The entire world is tuned into the Super Bowl happening at the Metlife stadium this year, but I’ll be tuned into my great Super Bowl snack recipes and entree inspired by a cool birthday party I’ve been to at Staten Island FunPark.

Everyone loves the pizza the FunPark offers for birthday parties, but I more than loved it! The pizzeria must have done something new or used a super special ingredient in their sauce because the pizza tasted amazing. I’ve had pizza from this place before, but this time was different. I knew I wanted to sniff out each recipe in it and have it for my own kitchen so I could create this masterpiece. I smelt many different flavors like oregano, garlic powder, parsley flakes, and robust tomato sauce. However, the best ingredient was in the crust because I couldn’t stop thinking about that garlic butter.


As the weekend approaches, I’ve been thinking of different creative decor and ways to creatively adorn my snacks. The theme of the day is football so I came up with the idea of a pizza football instead of a pizza pie and I’ll make little pizza bites as pizza helmets and jerseys, as well as mini-slices with players' numbers on them. It’s going to be the perfect party because the snack menu will take over and the creativity of the serving table will leave the whole family in awe. Aside from the football themed pizza snacks and the football pizza recipe, I have Super Bowl goody bags prepared, inspired by the goody bags offered to birthday guests at SI FunPark. There’s a rubber football, a small scoreboard key chain, and a plastic championship ring along with candy of course.

If you haven’t already booked a birthday party with the Staten Island FunPark, book your party now! They have the coolest go karts and batting cages for you to score at, but better yet their birthday packages are great. After a great day of three batting cages, a speedy go kart ride, and an intense round of mini golf you get really cute goody bags for everyone at your party. You could even add a food option, which is what I did because it’s so much more convenient and fortunately it’s how I got the idea for this mouth watering pizza recipe.









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