By Dakota Calderon • February 1, 2018

Super Bowl Family Fantasy at the Forest

Sitting out in the back of your car with the grill pumping and links smoking. Ice-cold sodas piled in the cooler and the music blasting from the new car speakers as you wait for the game to start. The best parking lot party you can go to is a tailgate party. One of the largest Super Bowl traditions is to tailgate during the game, barbecuing your favorite dishes like chicken, kabobs, sausage links, and corn on the cob. Tailgating is the perfect way to celebrate and/or watch the Super Bowl. As you sit in the parking lot listening to the live plays being called on the other side of the stadium wall, that’s the best part of the game. Every play being called seems so real when you’re tailgating in the parking lot of the stadium sharing each moment of the game with the team in the arena.

Another super cool Super Bowl tradition most families take part in is having a cool Super Bowl themed party. Everyone comes together whether they like football or not, just to watch the game and yell at the players for missing that perfect touch down. The best part of the Super Bowl are the family traditions that bring everyone together to debate about winner or loser, perfect touchdown or a cheating referee. Super Bowl traditions are going to be perfect this year because there's a huge game coming up. The New England Patriots and The Philadelphia Eagles are going to put on a great show for the nation this Sunday - I wonder who will be claiming that trip to Disney World this year? The best thing would be if we could get a Super Bowl party set up at the Fantasy Forest Amusement Park, bringing family and friends together - regardless of their love of the game - for some quality time! After all, Fantasy Forest is a family-friendly amusement park.

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