By Dakota Calderon • January 18, 2018

Drivers Edu. HACKED

Imagine not knowing how to drive at all and then poof… now you’re steering wildly out of a Go Kart! Yeah, that’s possible - and it’s been some people’s way of skipping their driver’s education course. Driving seems easy to most people, but once you get behind the wheel in your 2013 Toyota Camry or your 1994 classic BMW Mercedez you may change your mind. 


Keeping up with stepping on the gas, but not too hard is an annoying task that, personally, I have found doesn’t stop. Finding just the right amount of pressure to put on the breaks at different times is another task that floods your thoughts. Trying to stay in style and drive safe on the road, along with being mindful of other drivers, is a lot of multi-tasking and you haven’t even engaged with anyone in the vehicle yet.

I’ve been there and the moment I started to step on the gas, I couldn’t draw back quickly enough to step on the breaks so that became another task. Once I mastered stepping on the breaks quick enough, I needed to master the pressure I was putting on the breaks because I kept causing a horrible screeching noise. By the time I mastered both of these and learned to be offensive and defensive on the road, I had driven two blocks and quit. It was nerve- wracking and gave me massive anxiety, so I decided to take my out my frustration on a road with only six cars, no traffic, no signs, and no reason to be super defensive: the Go Karts! Go Karts changed my outlook on driving ever since that day.


Pulling off the runway in a Go Kart felt so liberating! I didn’t have to worry about break petals, just step down and you’re stopping slowly. No need to trial and error your pressure on the break and worry about causing an accident. You don’t have to be worried about thinking for the other drivers on the road because we’re all headed the same way, no need to look back! You’re already in a race so you don’t have to worry about trying not to step so hard on the gas, everyone’s hitting those numbers with you on the speedway. Go Karting is the perfect way to cheat the annoying driver’s education courses and uncomfortable practice drives.

Visit the Staten Island FunPark this summer and hack the driver’s education by hopping in one of our karts. Anyone that’s currently learning to drive or uncomfortable with their driving should try it! It’s not only fun to experience but it’s fun to see how easy it is versus driving in a car on the street. Staten Island FunPark is the place you want to go to enjoy Go Karting in New York City. Don’t miss out on hacking driver’s education and driver’s fun! Aside from early drivers, the experience is great for anyone looking for fun or a destresser, so include a couple visits in your spring itinerary for this season.


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