By Dakota Calderon • February 6, 2018

Dreams Come True at Fantasy Forest

As a child, you go through so many different phases from fun to life changing experiences. Many help shape the person you become when you’re an adult. They tailor your thoughts, beliefs, and values and those things may continue to change as you grow. Or, you may be one of those kids growing up who takes superhero beliefs with you no matter where you go. I was one of those kids because your imagination is your most powerful tool as a child. Whether you’re in a good or bad mood, keeping your imagination alive could help any situation when you’re a child.

I used to take the superhero, Wonder Woman, with me everywhere in my imagination because she was strong, fast, and could solve a problem quicker than a train entering a station at full speed. She was like my inner personality because if I was having a bad day, I’d put on my Wonder Woman face and do my best to get through it. If I was scared, I’d face my fears with my Wonder Woman face. Funny thing was that I met a friend who shared the same experience as me! I couldn’t believe it. His name was Lonnell and he channeled his inner Spiderman whenever he felt a problem about to happen, which I thought was super cool because Spiderman could fly, fight crime secretly, and was a student in school like normal kids. He was an anonymous life saver to society. I thought Spiderman was a perfect superhero for Lonnell to channel as his inner personality. I knew right then and there that we’d get along well.


It wasn’t until we took a school trip to Fantasy Forest Amusement Park in Queens that I realized how special my friend was. We visited the amusement park and had the greatest time ever because we were able to ride the rides as many times as we wanted with the Weekday Unlimited Ride Wristband. Our favorite ride was the Corona Cobra Coaster and the Queens Himalaya. The employees in the park were so nice to my class; they even gave us nicknames as we entered the park so of course mine was Wonder Woman and Lonnell’s was Spiderman. We were the only two students standing there with superhero names and everyone else sported these name tags with abbreviations of their first name or just their initials. It was at that moment that I was more than proud to be Wonder Woman and be different. I knew this inner personality would follow me my whole life. Students were laughing at us because our name tags had these superhero names on them rather than something “normal”.

Fantasy Forest Amusement Park employees made our class trip the best experience, ever, and I’ll never forget our trip for this reason.


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