By Dakota Calderon • January 8, 2018

The Bomb Cyclone Comes to NYC

Did you know that over this week more than 30% of the US population will experience temps below zero degrees Fahrenheit? Also, according to CNN news, as many as 75% of New Yorkers will see temperatures dip below the freezing mark. Extreme weather conditions like this is one of the major challenges of being an outdoor entertainment facility like ours. Even though we don’t open until March, we still have to factor in delays related to weather and do our best to prepare to open with a fully operational park!

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This past weekend the snow storm was named, “The Bomb Cyclone”, and it completely took over everything! With a name like that, it sounds like a new ride coming to the park; not a storm that ceases all fun, loss of electricity, and loss of transportation methods. The great thing is this allows us more time to plan the best springtime events and outings, and allows the staff of Fantasy Forest Amusement Park time behind the scenes to develop new fun ideas for the upcoming season!

Fantasy Forest Amusement Park closed for the season just before this massive weather hit our town BUT we’ll be opening up again March 2018 and we’ll have so much in store for you! But until then, let's start making snow angels, building snowmen, and maybe even learning to make homemade hot cocoa. Winter activities can be fun as long as you stay warm AND summer activities can be way more fun at Fantasy Forest.

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